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Submission Guidelines: Poetry

When said aloud, the term speculative poetry sounds not only niched but also very strange. The fact of the matter is, it’s awfully strange we need the term at all. Only a couple centuries ago, the fantastic, the speculative, and the weird were all parts of ballads, poems, and song. The otherworldly used to be an active part of our world. Now, we have this insubstantial, insufficient term to just say we’re interested in poetry that doesn’t adhere to rules of realism.

Help us reclaim this lost ground by sending us your best poems that contain a speculative element.

1. How do I get my submission to IF?

All work must be submitted through Isotropic Fiction Submissions Manager Page. Please submit no more than 3 poems at any one time.

For works other than poetry, please find specific guidelines here.

2. What does IF not want?

3. Does IF e-magazine pay it’s contributors?

4. If so, how much and when?

Yes. $5 minimum for poetry up to 30 lines.

Payment increases if more than one poem is accepted from a bundle, or if we accept a poem in excess of 30 lines. This will be handled on a case by case basis, though, so a specific amount cannot be specified.

Payment is made 60 days after publication of the story via Paypal.

5. What rights does IF buy?

IF buys a handful of rights that allow us to run the poetry electronically, to anthologize and reprint it, and to share it with libraries, schools, etc., exclusively for two years and then non-exclusively after that. All of this has been written out in the letter of agreement we send to you.

6. Should IF republish my work in a profitable way, will I get paid for that?

Yes. We believe contributors should get paid for their contribution every step of the way. Any work anthologized receives royalties. If your work is accepted, this gets explained in greater detail involving examples.

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