IF07: Editor’s Letter

Dear Friends,Editor's Letter

The usual metaphors of rebirth and change associated to spring present us with a double-edged conundrum. Though winter destroys, it also places many dangers in stasis; while summer creates life, it also fosters a range of beasts.

IF07 cover by Matt Ahlsen

IF07 cover by Matt Ahlsen

Nicole Tanqueray’s “No Refunds” gives us the idea that an entrepreneur can be just as, if not more devious than, a fiend from hell. Then Stephen Ramey returns with “Switch,” a punchy flash piece that pits good will towards humanity against a sleepy morning. “A Little Madness” demonstrates that a tiny tear in the fabric of reality can blast open the universe. And with our cover feature, “The Bone Tree,” we see that few things are more fearsome than a monster that idolizes its prey.

Aside from these tales, we see the overlap of two intense sci-fi yarns. In the conclusion to Seth Chambers’ time-crushing novella “We Happy Few,” Steak Knife and company unravel a terrible mystery behind their fate. Then our journey through futuristic correctional systems continues with “Core,” where Chuck Carr travels through space, rather than time, and his protagonist shows us that the most dangerous adventures can be inward, rather than outward.

As you emerge from hibernation to browse these new growths, remember that you are not the only thing exiting the cave. A new season of wonders and monsters is upon us, and they have had all winter to rest up and plot against us.

Good luck out there.


Lucas Ahlsen

Managing Editor


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