IF06: Editor’s Letter

Dear Friends,Editor's Letter

We have emerged from winter’s dark a bit chilled, but earlier sunrises bring relief. So it is with IF06, which has strung together a series of optimistic tales. This issue is a winter warmer, a cordial, something to thaw out your body and mind.

IF06 cover by Martin Hanford

Cover design by Martin Hanford. See more by Martin on his page martinhanford1974.deviantart.com.

The flash fiction in this issue offers us escape from tyranny and prejudice. Hunter Liguore shows us in “Maple Street, 1966” that day to day character defines lasting contact with another species, not just first contact. As for Jake Johnson’s “Galaxy in His Pocket,” I’d tell you more about it, but I’m afraid the wrong people will find out I squealed.

“We Make Monuments” by Justin Thurman and “Colors in the Park” by Jeff Hemenway may seem like peculiar offerings, and they are. It’s because they ride the dividing line between literary and genre fiction, yet belong to neither side. Each has a small gem of the fantastic embedded in a beautiful literary tapestry. They prove once again that all great stories defy definition.

With “We Happy Few,” Seth Chambers plunges us into a world where some plucky prisoners try to save the universe from the greed of time tourism. Their journey is brave, their aims noble—but the fabric of time threatens to smother them every step of the way.

Keep the fire close as you read these stories. We are only half way out of the dark.

Lucas Ahlsen

Managing Editor



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