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Horror Thursday
New Books (12/1 – 12/18)

Match the chill of winter with stories that will make your blood run cold! Amazon brings readers four horror stories during the first half of this month—a precious few to be sure, but enough to make a long winter night seem endless.

Bloodstone (A Stacy Justice Mystery Book Two) by Barbra Annino
All Stacy Justice wants to do is recover from the bizarre couple of weeks she’s had—a whirlwind kicked off by the arson attack on her cousin’s bar, the Black Opal. But just when life should be settling down, a fourteen-year-old girl named Ivy appears on Stacy’s doorstep, claiming to be her sister. Ivy says their mother’s life is in danger and insists that the family’s magic is crucial to saving her. Sure, Ivy has Stacy’s fiery red hair and green eyes—but is she really her sister? And can the secretive teen be trusted with magic? Then a man is found dead at Stacy’s grandmother’s bed-and-breakfast, and she has no choice but to see where Ivy’s story leads. Strange warnings appear at every turn, including the disappearance of the family’s Blessed Book, and it seems someone is out to kill Stacy—again. Picking up where Opal Fire left off, the second book in the spellbinding Stacy Justice series dazzles with even more magic, mystery, and mayhem—revealing the dark secrets of the Geraghty clan.
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (December 18, 2012)

Opal Fire (A Stacy Justice Mystery Book One) by Barbra Annino

Stacy Justice is just your average green-eyed, redheaded, twenty-something witch who would rather focus on her job as a reporter than practice the crazy magic her grandmother and great-aunts are into. She’s perfectly content to spend her free time hanging with her cop boyfriend and her gassy Great Dane and helping her cousin Cinnamon run the Black Opal bar. But when the Opal goes up in flames, Stacy may need that magic after all.
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer (December 18, 2012)

Still with Me by Thierry Cohen and Summer Robinson

Jeremy takes his life on his twentieth birthday after childhood friend Victoria rejects his love.
On his twenty-first birthday, he wakes up.
Victoria is at his side, blissfully in love with him. While Jeremy can’t remember the previous year, he savors the miracle of waking up alongside the woman he loves.
Publisher: AmazonCrossing (December 11, 2012)

Tormento (Vintage Espanol) (Spanish Edition) by Lauren Kate

Aunque ella lo ignore, Luce es una pieza clave en la lucha entre el bien y el mal. Por eso los Proscritos, ángeles caídos condenados al exilio, quieren secuestrarla, para extorsionar a ángeles y demonios a cambio de ganarse un nuevo acceso al cielo. Daniel y Cam son conscientes del peligro que corre Luce y pactan una tregua de dieciocho días para trabajar juntos y poder dar caza a los Proscritos. Durante este tiempo, los dos quieren mantener a Luce lejos del peligro y la esconden en la Escuela de la Costa, un exclusivo colegio en la que conviven humanos y nefilim, los hijos de humanos y ángeles caídos que la protegerán. Los profesores de los nefilim, Steven y Francesca, son un demonio y un ángel que están enamorados. Ellos enseñan a Luce que las sombras que la acechan, las Anunciadoras, pueden mostrarle imágenes de sus múltiples pasados. Gracias a ello, Luce pronto entenderá muchas de las cosas que Daniel no ha querido contarle y empezará a sospechar que su relación está motivada por intereses ocultos.
Publisher: Vintage; Tra edition (December 5, 2012)

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