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Fantasy Friday
New Books (10/18 – 10/26)

Four new fantasy titles to fill your fall evenings.

Escape from Undermountain: Forgotten Realms by Mark Anthony
To rescue a missing noble, Artek the Knife must venture deep into the Undermountain, a vast and lethal labyrinth created by a crazed wizard, a place that is not only difficult and dangerous to access but nearly impossible to escape.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (October 23, 2012) ASIN: B008C8ZRUU

Tymora’s Luck: Forgotten Realms (Dragonlance: Lost Legends Series) by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak
Before the Dawn Cataclysm, Moander the Darkbringer corrupted Tyche, Goddess of Luck. In a desperate attempt to preserve Tyche’s goodness, the gods clove her in twain, creating two daughter goddesses: Tymora, Lady Luck; and Beshaba, Lady Doom. In the eons since then, the two sisters have existed in total enmity.
Now a great power has hatched a mad scheme to re-create the goddess Tyche by reuniting Tymora and Beshaba, regardless of the potentially calamitous consequences.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (October 23, 2012) ASIN: B008ADC1NI

War in Tethyr: Forgotten Realms by Victor Milan
The second installment in the Nobles series introduces the adventures of many striking new characters, who do battle to the death—and beyond—in the Forgotten Realms setting.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast (October 23, 2012) ASIN: B008ADEHAI

Mareas de medianoche by Steven Erikson and Marta García Martínez
EL LANZAMIENTO DEL QUINTO VOLUMEN DE ‘MALAZ: EL LIBRO DE LOS CAÍDOS’ PROMETE SER TODO UN ACONTECIMIENTO ENTRE LOS FANS DE LA FANTASÍA ÉPICA. «Si la saga de fantasía de moda escrita por G. R. R. Martin te ha abierto el apetito de épica medieval, deberías echarle un ojo a los libros de Steven Erikson. Son violentos, sucios, y están llenos de buenos personajes.» —Men’s Health
Publisher: La Factoría de Ideas; 1 edition (October 26, 2012) ASIN: B009A7TEAG



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