Google Pays Hacker

It’s almost hard to imagine that Google still has the capability to get hacked. With all the security advances in the world, we’re still not fully secure. The interesting thing about this hack is that Google ended up paying the Hacker. Read about the contest Google held to unveil some of it’s security loopholes.


               A youngster who goes by the name Pinkie Pie made $60,000 for hacking into Google today. In fact, Google was the one who paid up. This is the second time the teenaged reverse engineer enthusiast was able to collect the grand exploit prize from Google in less than a year. In order to take advantage of the computer underground, Google recently began allowing anonymous participants to hack its Chrome systems with the understanding that they would report all vulnerabilities and collect a prize at the end. This second “Pwnium,” as it’s called, occurred at the Hack in the Box Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Source: The Washington Post Online

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