Look At Those Beautiful Leaves Fall

One of the best things about this time of the year is the leaves changing and falling. The science behind this process is a really interesting one. Dive into this article, from Mental Floss,  and learn more about it.

Despite their astonishing record of losses when dealing with lumberjacks and beavers, trees are pretty tough customers. Their trunks, branches, roots and twigs are all more than capable of enduring a winter’s worth of freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and hail. Their leaves, though? Eh, not so tough. The broad, thin leaves of a broadleaf tree (like a maple, an oak, a birch, or a poplar) are an Achilles’ heel when winter comes, and are vulnerable to freezing and damage from the elements. In order to survive, the trees either have to somehow protect the delicate leaves or shed them.

Source: Mental Floss Blog 

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