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Horror Thursday
New Books (10/11 – 10/16)

Witch Hunt by Syd Moore
A chilling, haunting ghost story that delves into the dark past of the 16th century Essex witch trials.
Publisher: Avon (October 11, 2012) ASIN: B007WOC3L6

Blood Ties Book Three: Ashes to Ashes by Jennifer Armintrout
Being a vampire is a life-or-death situation. When I was first turned, I had only my survival to worry about. Now I’m locked in a battle for the existence of the entire human race–and the cards are definitely stacked against me.
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (October 15, 2012) ASIN: B0098IT03S

Blood Ties Book Four: All Souls’ Night by Jennifer Armintrout
I have reached my breaking point. And now I will not, cannot be stopped. With the Soul Eater on the verge of god status, it’s time for me to take a final stand, even if it means losing everything I love. Even if it means losing my life.
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA (October 15, 2012) ASIN: B0098IT0HO

Wild Girls by Mary Stewart Atwell
Kate Riordan fears two things as she grows up in the small Appalachian town of Swan River: that she’ll be a frustrated townie forever or that she’ll turn into one of the mysterious and terrifying wild girls, killers who start fires and menace the community.
Publisher: Scribner (October 16, 2012) ASIN: B007EDOTW6




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