Why Horror Should Be Its Own Genre

October is the month of fright and horror. It’s the best time of the year to watch all those horror movie classics and read a great horror story. It’s too bad that the genre of horror is not getting the credibility it deserves. Author Annie Neugebauer goes into detail about why horror deserves to be separated from the rest.

Horror is not a genre, like the mystery or science fiction or the western. It is not a kind of fiction meant to be confined to the ghetto of a special shelf in libraries or bookstores… Horror is an emotion.” –Douglas E. Winter

If you write dark fiction, you’ve probably come across this quote often. In fact, it appears in the very well-written essay “What is Horror Fiction?” right in the FAQ section of the HWA website. The essay makes some excellent points that I whole-heartedly agree with. And yet, several things over the past year have gotten me thinking.

Source: HWA Blog

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