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Letters stung together make a word. Words strung together create sentences. Sentences strung together create a story. As authors, the choice of these words and sentences are an art form. Each word is chosen carefully and thoughtfully. Take a peek at the sentences these author’s considered their favorite, compiled by William T. Vandemark.

In Silent Interviews,  Samuel R. Delany said: “I begin, a sentence lover. I’m forever delighted, then delighted all over, at the things sentences can trip and trick you into saying, into seeing. I’m astonished—just plain tickled!—at the sharp turns and tiny tremors they can whip your thoughts across. I’m entranced by their lollop and flow, their prickles and points. Poetry is made of words, Mallarmé told us a hundred years back. But I write prose. And prose is made of sentences.”

Source: SFWA

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