Microchip Allows Monkeys to Feel Virtually

A breakthrough in biotechnology allows monkeys to feel with prosthetic limbs using a microchip.  This ability seems like a phenomena our era would never see. Something only imaginable in Sci Fi movies. It’s almost safe to say that the next step might be robots having the ability to feel:

It could be the first step towards truly immersive virtual reality, where you can feel the computer-generated world around you. An international team of neuroengineers has developed a brain-machine interface that’s bi-directional. That means the monkeys can use this brain implant not only to control a virtual hand, but also to get feedback that tricks their brains into “feeling” the texture of virtual objects.

Already demonstrated successfully in primates, the interface could soon allow humans to use prosthetic limbs (or even robotic exoskeletons) to actually feel objects in the real world.

Source:  i09 online 

What interesting scientific steps could you see coming from this?

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