Celebrating International Book Week

OMG! We’re half-way through International Book Week! Time to celebrate with FREE BOOKS!
“What’s that?” you say. “Free books? Is that even legal?”
Oh yes, friends! Not only are we going to point out a few of our favorite places to download or pickup free reads, IF is giving away 5 e-copies of E. E. King’s The Card Game (to be published early 2013).

First the give-away:

Pick up the closest book to you. Open it up to page 52 and post the first sentence in the comments section below. Don’t include the title.
That’s all you gotta do. The quintet with the most likes will be the winners. If there’s a tie, IF will throw in some extra copies.

Now for our favorite places to find free books:

By now, everybody and their abuela knows about the thousands of free classic titles on available to Kindle owners, but there are other places:


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