The IF holo-Grammys!

Tupac’s holographic resurrection sets a milestone for the entertainment industry, but holograms have existed in science fiction for many years. After the nudity and insightful articles, the coolest thing about National Geographic was their hologram issue in March 1984. Here’s five of IF’s favorite holograms from the last century:

#5 Hari Seldon

Foundation cover art created by Michael Whelan

If immortality isn’t possible, dictating the future through mathematics and time-released holographic recordings makes a pretty good second choice. There’s a 99.43% chance that Seldon encouraged more kids to become statisticians than any other character written by Isaac Asimov.


Hugh Bradlow

#4 Dr. Hugh Bradlow – CTO of Telstra

Beyond supporting some great R&D, this guy had the coolest job description  in the world—to see if he can break things—which he made much cooler by showing up at 2008 business meeting as a hologram. Later that same year, CNN featured a so-called holographic interview between Wolf Blitzer in New York and a fuzzy Jessica Yellin in Chicago. According to Blitzer, Yellin was “a terrific hologram.” Except, she wasn’t really a hologram.


#3 The Doctor (EMH, Mark I)

The Doctor (EMH, Mark I) from Star Trek: Voyager

This hologram from Star Trek: Voyager is the only one on this list to be created without the existence of a real flesh and blood character (living or deceased). It also happens to be the only one without a real name, although one alternate time line had him take on the moniker “Joe.”


#2 Leia Organa Solo nee Skywalker

Hologram Leia, a blue angel

“This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” The honor of an entire generation stirred when Princess Leia made her holographic plea to an aging Jedi Knight and his soon to be padawan.


The smeg-head himself.

#1 Arnold Judas Rimmer

As Wikipedia describes him, “a fussy, bureaucratic, neurotic coward.” Or as the IF publisher can be when it comes to paper work, a total smegging smeg-head. It’s easy to pick on the Rimmers of the world, but without them the David Listers would just be… Well, the Listers of the world would be quite content.

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