Asimov’s Readers straddling the digital divide

Asimov's April/May Issue Cover

Asimov's April/May Issue Cover

Asimov’s Science Fiction has always been both old school paper and cutting edge digital. As early as the late-90s, readers could enjoy some of the best science fiction stories available on their Palm Pilots when they weren’t putting up with some Atari DJ or buying cargo pants. But according to Shelia William’s editorial in the April/May double issue, “a third of [Asimov’s] readers now purchase downloads of the magazine for the Nook, Nook Color, the iPad, all sorts of Kindles, and various other readers.”

This shift comes as no surprise for those reading the editorial in e-ink. And it follows global e-reading trends reported on by The Guardian last month in an article about e-book sales being supported by genre fiction. See that story here.

But newsprint fans have nothing to worry about at least on the Asimov’s front. At no point does William’s make any suggestions about totally crossing that digital divide. “I’m still a big fan of the paper editions of Asimov’s,” she wrote, “as are two thirds of you.”

Editor’s Note: Joseph wrote this brief while reading William’s editorial in a print version of Asimov’s that he bought at a local coffee shop. He does own a Kindle and occasionally feels pangs of guilt about not buying enough of his reading material on it.

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