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Submission Guidelines: Fiction

Before you hurl that story into our submission manager, there are a few questions you want to ask yourself. Here’s a few answers. If these don’t address the issue you have in mind, email an editor. Please don’t use the submission manager for queries. Should you still have unanswered questions after contacting us, try meditation.

0. How do I get my submission to IF?

All work must be submitted through Isotropic Fiction Submissions Manager Page.

1. What’s IF buying?

IF magazine is a purveyor of the finest speculative fiction. IF desires the strongest, not previously published writing in any genre that fall under speculative fiction catch-all term, even stuff that’s in the gray areas like soft sci-fi. Well-developed characters and scenes are more important than clever gimmicks, though a good execution of one never hurts. Your words have to transport readers out of the reality they know into the one you’ve created. Your work can be broody or breezy, literary or experimental, even philosophical. But it must not be predictable.

Putting it simply: we want great writing regardless of genre that asks, “What IF?”


Isotropic Fiction is always looking for speculative poetry, graphic works, and reviews. Check out the other guidelines here.

2. Then IF doesn’t want?

3. Any problems with the f-bombs I dropped?

Here’s our rule of thumb about language: if you gotta ask (i.e. if you feel self-conscious) about it, then you know it’s not working. A word is a word, blue or any other color. If it works, don’t apologize and don’t ask. You know if it works.

4. Does IF e-magazine pay it’s contributors?

5. If so, how much and when?

Yes. We believe contributors to the magazine need to be paid for their work. Currently, Isotropic Fiction is paying 1/4 of a cent for fiction. Payment is made 60 days after publication of the story via Paypal.

6. What rights does IF buy?

IF buys a handful of rights that allow us to run the story electronically, to anthologize and reprint it, and to share it with libraries, schools, etc., exclusively for two years and then non-exclusively after that.  All of this has been written out in the letter of agreement we send to you.

7. Should IF republish my work in a profitable way, will I get paid for that?

Yes. We believe contributors should get paid for their contribution every step of the way. Any work anthologized receives royalties. If your work is accepted, this gets explained in greater detail involving examples.

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