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Review Guidelines

Length: 400 to 600 words

Unlike a casual opinion, a strong review answers the question “why?” It forces the reviewer to examine his or her subject critically and offer a series of thoughts that go beyond personal taste in an effort to inform an audience.

Despite the stereotypical image of critics cackling as they pan another play, book, movie, etc., most reviews are expected to be positive. While it is important to identify and remark on a work’s weak points, it’s a waste of readers’ time to discuss a work with no redeeming qualities. In other words, if it’s not worth reading/watching/playing/hearing, it’s not worth talking about. If you find that you’ve been assigned a book not worth reading, let your editor know.

With this in mind, Isotropic Fiction asks its reviewers to adhere the following guidelines:

Please include the following information at either the beginning or end of each review:

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